When you have something that works well, customers are happy with it and it’s selling well, the last thing you want to do is replace it with something new.  That’s the thinking behind the evolution of Mack’s MP® engine.  It’s performing well, has great uptime and the fuel economy is the best ever.  So several years ago when the engineers at Mack Powertrain looked toward the 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, they didn't start from scratch. Instead, they looked at the excellent MP engines and said: “What updates do we need to meet the 2017 regulations?”

The 2017 GHG regulations are the next step of the of the 2014 GHG regulations from EPA.  The 2014 rule looked at how the whole vehicle could reduce its carbon footprint, via a combination of aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tires and the engine.  The 2017 regulations target CO2 reduction from the engine, which meant a number of changes.  

Mack’s engineers had several goals; increase the engine fuel economy while maintaining the basic engine we have today, maintaining the uptime and keeping the performance. In fact: “Guys, how about you give us a little bit more performance from our engines. Yeah, more horsepower and torque, grrrr. Oh, and trim a little weight while you're at it.” 

Yes, OK, we always ask for more power, better fuel economy, lighter weight and don't sacrifice durability and uptime. We’re big-time truck geeks, after all. But guess what, we actually managed to get it this time, all of it. Maybe the stars aligned or all the technology just clicked, but that is what we got, our same base engine with updates resulting in fuel economy improvements compared to today’s engines, starting at over 2% and going all the way up to 8.8%.  Increases in horsepower include an 11-liter MP7 with 425 HP and 1560 lb.-ft. of torque.  Weight reductions of 25 pounds on the MP7 and 44 pounds on the MP8, and all with the same or better durability and uptime.

Of course, our engineers are pretty awesome.

Think about it: an 11-liter engine at 425 HP with the power of a 13- or 15-liter engine in a package several hundred pounds lighter. This is going to make for some very happy bulk haul and mixer customers, not to mention anyone who wants to run that kind of power and save weight, too.  

If you haven't already read about the 2017 Mack MP engines, the heart of the updates is the fuel injection system. The unit injector pumps have been replaced with a high-pressure common rail system which provides more precise delivery of fuel to the engine cylinders. That results in better fuel economy, cleaner combustion and less noise to the driver. And Mack’s new patented piston design also promotes better combustion, thereby producing less soot. Other updates include a double-wall venturi tube attached to the EGR for better cold starts and shut offs, a new throttled intake, two-speed coolant pump and a new camshaft, all of which combine for the evolution of the MP7 and MP8 engines.

So what’s not to like here? Mack MP engines with better fuel economy, more power, lighter weight, quieter, with the same great uptime and durability, more integrated Powertrain options including mDRIVE™ HD transmission with creeper gears and, last but not least, better packaging with ClearTech™ One. There's more I didn't cover, so go read through some of the articles in the trade press or contact your Mack dealer for even more details. 


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